How to Ace Your Microdermabrasion Treatments (Before You Even Get Started)

Top clinicians will tell you that a successful microdermabrasion treatment always begins with an accurate skin analysis.

The skin consultation is the critical stage where the client’s underlying skin imbalances are identified, and a treatment solution is presented that will correct the client’s skin concern and send them on their way as a happy (returning) customer.

However, getting it right with skin diagnosis is not always so clear-cut. This is where skin scanner  technology has staked its place as an essential part of the modern skin consultation.

When clinicians use a skin analyser, they immediately reduce the risk of misdiagnosing a client’s skin condition or overlooking a subsurface imbalance or irregularity. A skin analyser platform, such as the OBSERV 520, engages advanced light illumination technologies to clearly highlight and display the client’s true skin condition in striking detail, revealing skin characteristics. 

More often than not clients will be surprised to see the true state of their skin in this way, and allows clinicians to recommend services (such as microdermabrasion) and at-home skin care to address these concerns. In this way, skin analysers not only assist clinicians with delivering greater accuracy, they also help to organically convert more sales. 

So if you are looking to improve your microdermabrasion treatment outcomes, the solution could start with your skin consultation process. Supporting your expertise and knowledge with scientific skin care machine is a strategic way to modernise your clinical procedures and win greater trust and loyalty from your clients.

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