Get your microdermabrasion treatment right with strategic skin analysing tools

As a skin professional, your clients rely on you to provide microdermabrasion services that ultimately leads them to better, healthier and more harmonious skin. While adequate training and education is imperative to develop your expertise to the best of your ability, there are additional methods you can employ to ensure your clients receive the highest quality care and treatment under your guidance.

The use of a skin analyser machine in the treatment room is the first step to laying the right foundations for a successful treatment, course of treatments, or product prescription. While an expert eye and a solid set of consultation questions form an important part of understanding your client’s skin, it is simply not enough when it comes to something as delicate and as complex as our body’s largest organ.

While for a long time the only skin diagnostic tool used during a consultation was  a mag lamp, technology has advanced at such a rate that this is now considered quite an outdated tool (though it still functions as excellent vision support before, during, and after treatment). The latest in skin scanner devices are able to fill in the deeper gaps by engaging scientific principles to intricately examine the skin at an epidermal and dermal level, allowing aestheticians to exercise better judgement when it comes to confidently proceeding with a treatment plan or skincare regimen. 

Conducting a skin consultation with the naked eye alone runs the risk of treating the symptoms instead of the root cause of the skin imbalance, which of course will lead to band-aid results that only bring the client back to square one. Clients invest a lot of time, trust and money into you as their microdermabrasion treatment provider, so be sure to honour their loyalty by providing them with the latest skin analysis tools, quality treatment microdermabrasion machines, clinical grade skincare, and of course highly trained and knowledgeable staff who are passionate about attention to detail.

So if you are serious about maximising customer retention and building a professional reputation that sets you apart from the competition, consider investing in cutting-edge skin analysis technology to help you pinpoint the perfect treatment from the get go. It will quickly pay for itself when your happy clients return time and time again.







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